Unipicker / Picking

With the RV-450 Unipicker modules, picking and placing of products or primary packaging units can be achieved with very high cycle rates (of up to 120 cycles per minute) and the highest possible precision (0.1mm) with the help of delta robot kinematics. The objects to be handled are detected with the help of state-of-the-art sensor technology or vision systems. Then, they are tracked by the robot controllers via conveyor tracking until completion of the pick & place process. As a result, both the product and the packaging are in a continuous flow inside the packaging machine - the system dynamically adjusts to the production volume.

The output of the packaging machine can be scaled as desired by connecting several Unipicker modules in series. In this context, the packaging process manages almost entirely without format parts - making format changeovers child's play. This provides maximum flexibility of the packaging machines with very restricted mechanical complexity. New products can be programmed and packing patterns can be adjusted easily without any programming skills.




RV-450 Unipicker modules with 2 pickers for inserting products into the pocket-type conveyor of a tubular bag machine


Placing sockets in cartons with inner compartments. The products are safely gripped by a fork-type gripper.


Placing Doypacks in cartons in a standing or lying formation