Today, the packaging industry faces frequent format and product changes. Moreover, the number of versions of packaging materials and formats also increases all the time. This leads to growing requirements for flexible and smart packaging machines.

Our robot-based top-loading systems are particularly well suited for solutions in which high outputs are required or for packaging processes which are difficult to realise with conventional packaging machines.

Even products which are very difficult to handle can be picked up and placed in the packaging using specifically designed robot tools with or without pre-grouping. For example, packaging of bottles constitutes a typical top-loading application. The pick & place robot takes the bottles from the feed conveyor and gently places them on a grouping conveyor from where the entire formation is picked up by a packing robot and placed in the collective packaging in tracking.

Trasnova uses the principle that a tool weight of 10 kilograms should not be exceeded. As a result, manual tool change is not an problem.

Carton erectors, tray formers, carton closers and lid machines are available for packaging production. The product is fed into the handling robot via line distributors, cyclic storage chains or other cumulative systems.

Benefit from our experience in designing gripper tools which we have gathered with several hundred installed systems.



Packing of blisters with disposable syringes in full cardboard boxes. Every second blister is horizontally and vertically turned by 180° to ensure the maximum filling volume.


Packing of refrigerators in folding cases. Up to 8 different sizes are provided in a stochastic sequence. A robot gets the respective fitting blank from the pallet and places it in a cantering station, while a second robot opens the case and places the case over the product with a rotating movement.


Packing of cartridges in folding cases. A robot takes the cartridge from a pre-group and places it in a painting station, while another robot erects the folding cases. Afterwards, the painted cartridges are packed into the folding cases by a third robot.



Fully automatic tool change: Because of the spherical working range of the 6-axis robot, automatic depositing and taking up of tools can be implemented in a space-saving and cost-effective manner with the help of an adapter flange.


Compact size: 3 robots erect up to 20 trays per minute and pack 150 (standing or lying) products per minute on only 2.5 square metres(!)


Multi-functional structure: Separating of blanks, application of hot glue, erecting cases, inserting products - four functions are covered by a robot and a tool